Merry Christmas from the team at Mother Goose Media

Well, we’ve made it, and what an AMAZING year it has been! 

For over 12 years, Mother Goose Media has produced the thriving South East Queensland local publications, Kids on the Coast (on the Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast) and Kids in the City (in Brisbane). 

As a trusted resource for parents, carers and families, we have LOVED talking, entertaining, educating and connecting with our LOYAL TRIBE of followers, and have enjoyed how PASSIONATE our smart, funny, ardent, sassy Mother Goose Media community of over 55k people have been about our brand. 

We have been INSPIRED, and in turn, so have our readers. 

We have had a GREAT time, and as a result, so have our fellow believers and supporters.

This year, we have, MORE THAN EVER, become a FAMILY, a SISTERHOOD, a VILLAGE of likeminded women who have revelled in sharing the goal of motherhood, while striving to be our best and simultaneously raising the happiest kids ever. It’s been a WILD ride, but we have been in it together.

We are REAL. 

We are RAW. 

And now, we are EVERYWHERE. Having stepped up in a major way in the last six months from a print focus to a more unified approach across digital and social, with a brand new PREMIUM website to match, we are currently connecting with our market in a way we have NEVER done before. And we are only set to move HIGHER and reach FURTHER in 2016. 

As you can tell, we are VERY excited for the future! 

Thank you for your continued support throughout 2015, helping Kids on the Coast and Kids in the City remain Queensland’s FAVOURITE parenting magazines!

We would like to sincerely wish you a Christmas filled with peace, happiness, laughter, joy, good food, fine wine and great company. We hope you have a restful and rejuvenating break over the New Year when we look forward to continuing a fantastic working relationship with you.

With thanks and warm wishes,
The team at Mother Goose Media - Kids on the Coast and Kids in the City Magazines •

The Mother Goose Media office will reopen Monday January 4, 2016.